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Dollfus Blackhead instrument

起批 1-10件 11-100件 100件以上
价格 60.00 38.00 35.00
品牌: Dollfus
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更新: 2021-05-11
数量: 减少 增加件 库存100件
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Product name: Dollfus blackhead suction device blackhead artifact electric blackhead suction device blackhead removal blackhead suction device beauty cleaning instrument
Commodity number: 67671216812
Shop: Dollfus flagship store merchandise
Gross weight: 11.00g
Commodity Origin: Mainland China
Efficacy: deep cleansing
Product Category: Blackhead Meter
Core technology: vacuum blackhead suction
Applicable parts: nose, face
LED beauty light: none
Function parameter
Power supply: rechargeable
Number of gears: 3 gears
Charging time: 2~3 h
Body parameter
Certification model: X10
color: White
Product model: X10 charging version
Brand: Dollfus
Rated voltage (V): 5V
Product net weight (kg): 0.11kg
Rated power (W): 2.5W
Product size (mm): 170*42*36
Rated frequency (Hz): 50Hz

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